In Memoriam


Selma L. Latner (MSW ’45)

Anne B. Schwartz (MSW ’47)



Amelia P. Bunder (MSW ’57)

Frances M. Galardi (MSW ’56)



Winfred P. Buckwalter III (MSW ’61)

John L. Conway (MSW ’65)

Sidney Deutsch (MSW ’65)

Lois E. Eisenhard (MSW ’60)

Nancy S. Gant (MSW ’69)

Carol S. Gongaware (BAS ’67)

Ronald Kottler (MSW ’60)

Maryann N. Mason (MSW ’69)

Richard J. Norwood (MSW ’64)

Juanita L. Ryzner (MSW ’68)



Joseph E. Cook (MSW ’72)

Rita P. Davis (MSW ’71)

Ann W. Delo (MSW ’74)

Judith R. Elikan (BASW ’74)

Evelyn J. Fulton (BA ’74)

Runetta C. Gee (MSW ’75)

Ellinor R. Huppert (MSW ’71)

Mable L. Millner (MSW ’76)

Stephanie D. Morrison (BASW ’76, MSW ’82)

Paul L. Neidhardt (MSW ’74)

Jane D. Novinger (MSW ’77)

Lenore H. Tishman (MSW ’70)

Margaret A. Wilson (MSW ’73)

Joan C. Wolfson (MSW ’79)



Catherine M. Amann (BASW ’80, MSW ’83)

Adrienne M. Geiger (MSW ’88)

V. Donald Hall Jr. (MSW ’82)

Monica A. Ridener (BASW ’88, MSW ’92)

Randi Rubin (MSW ’87)

David A. Steffan (BASW ’89)



Michael Friedlander (MSW ’93)

Kimberly S. Kuzior (BASW ’97, MSW ’98)

Jennifer J. Patterson (MS ’99)

Marla J. Perlman (MSW ’94)

Anthony L. Pugliese Jr. (MS ’97)

Phillip S. Quinque (MSW ’96)

Anthony J. Silvestre (PhD ’92)

Barbara A. Stoops (MSW ’99)



Robert W. Aikin (MSW ’04)

Rhoda V. Hickman (MSW ’03)

Charlotte C. Manges (MSW ’07)

Jason F. Munsie (MSW ’09)

Megan A. Nebel (MSW ’08)

Caroline T. Skonsky (MSW ’01)



Monica A. Wignot (MSW ’16)

The Reverend John M. Noah (MSW ’83)

March 3, 1943-March 1, 2022

Born in Pittsburgh, Noah lived his whole life as both an ordained Presbyterian minister and a licensed social worker. He graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1969 and served churches in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Wyoming. He was a member of Palo Duro Presbytery in Lubbock, Texas. He is survived by his wife of 46 years, Barbara Beyring Noah.