Winter 2022

Letter from the Alumni Advisory Board

Dear University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work friends and family,

Since graduating from Pitt Social Work, we’ve found ways to continue to be involved with our peers and fellow alumni through the school’s Alumni Advisory Board (AAB). AAB allows alumni like us to be lifelong learners at Pitt as well as to serve as a bridge between the School of Social Work and the broader social work community. In addition to enabling alumni to continue to learn and practice social work values, AAB also connects alumni to current students, faculty, and staff at the school.

AAB plays a role in organizing events for networking and volunteering as well as recognizing alumni excellence. During the past several terms, the board has worked creatively and thoughtfully to create engagement experiences on a virtual platform with great success. Last year, AAB organized five Alumni Speaker Series events spotlighting alumni who demonstrate excellence in the field. We anticipate a continuation of this successful programming in the future.

In 2022, we hope to begin to transition to in-person events again with opportunities for our subcommittees to meet and mingle.

Our three subcommittees are the heart of our organizing efforts. The Engagement Subcommittee’s primary focus is to ensure that current Pitt Social Work students are aware of and connected to the board and the school’s alumni. The Programming Subcommittee plays a significant role in supporting the school’s events, such as networking and volunteering opportunities, that alumni can participate in. The Membership Subcommittee focuses on both recruiting and maintaining alumni members for the board. AAB has implemented improvements to the subcommittee format to provide enriching, positive experiences for all members. We strongly believe that these improvements will maximize the value, time, and expertise of the alumni involved.

If you are a graduate of or current student at Pitt Social Work, we would love to answer any questions you may have about AAB membership. Please connect with us at


We hope you will reach out, and as always, hail to Pitt!

Jess Murray

Jessica Murray (MSW ’14)

Chair, Alumni Advisory Board

Talia (Landerman) Nevitt

Talia (Landerman) Nevitt (MSW ’19)

Vice Chair, Alumni Advisory Board